Terms of Service

1. Spamming

By accessing, using and/or registering for the Services, you shall not use the Services, in whole or in part, in any way, for the purpose of composing and/or sending chain letters, junk electronic mail, “spam,” or any purpose that involves the utilization of distribution lists to any third party business or individual that has not given express specific permission to be included in such a distribution list. Any electronic mail advertisement that is composed and addressed to a third-party recipient with whom the sender does not have an existing business, commercial or personal relationship and which is not sent at the express request or consent of the recipient to receive such a message from you is strictly prohibited (hereinafter referred to as “Spamming”). The definition of “Spamming” is determined solely by IDM Strategies internal evaluation system, which involves numerous data points, including such things as your complaint rate, adherence to the CAN-SPAM Act, bounce rate, complaints from ISPs and feedback from blacklisting services and other criteria we may deem appropriate.

IDM Strategies reserves the right to immediately terminate any End User’s license to access and/or use the Services if such End User uses the Services, in whole or in part, for Spamming purposes, and IDM Strategies reserves the right to seek appropriate legal action as necessary for any such violation. If you reasonably believe that any other user may be using the Services for Spamming purposes, you hereby agree that you will promptly notify IDM Strategies of any such violation.

2. Use of Service and Storage Limitations

IDM Strategies may, at its sole discretion, establish and enforce general practices, policies and limitations with regard to your use of the Services, including, but not limited to: a) the maximum number of day(s) that electronic mail messages or other uploaded content will be stored by the Services; b) the maximum number of electronic mail messages that may be sent or received by your account through the Services; c) the maximum size of any electronic mail messages that may be sent or received by your account through the Services; d) the maximum disk and/or server space that will be allotted to you on IDM Strategies’s servers for your use of the Services; and/or e) the maximum number of instances and duration which you may access the Services in a given period of time. The amount of electronic mail storage on IDM Strategies’s server allotted to you for your use of the Services is limited; however, additional storage space for electronic mail messages may be available to you upon payment of additional fees. IDM Strategies shall not be held liable for the deletion of an electronic mail message or the failure to compose or send an electronic mail message through the use of the Services, nor is IDM Strategies liable for electronic mail messages that are not processed or sent due to space limitations or outbound message limitations. IDM Strategies reserves the right to log off the account of any end-user which has been inactive for an extended period of time, at the sole discretion of IDM Strategies. IDM Strategies further reserves the right to modify, add to or otherwise change these practices, policies, and limitations at any time, with or without notice to you, at its sole discretion.

3. Prohibited Content

IDM Strategies, LLC completely forbids Websites, services or products by any people who:

Sell, provide, offer or offer to sell the following types of content, products or services within the realm of: sexual goods, pornography, pornographic services or anything related to those types of products, services or goods. This includes (but is not limited to): videos, software, magazines, escort services, illegal goods, drugs, accessories or contraband related to drugs, pirated software, or instructions or education on how to create grenades, bombs, illegal arms or other weapons.

Markets, displays or offers any material that exploits children or minors (anyone 18 years old and under).

Offers promotes, sells or provides either services or content related to commercial email spam, which includes but is not limited to: illegal, Web-based or even direct pharmaceutical sales. This also includes sex or sex-related products, work at home businesses, credit repair, debt relief services, financial management services, trade or stock tips, refinancing and mortgage-related services, party and/or nightclub promotion, gambling, bet-making or odds-based services, which may include but is not limited to casinos or casino games, racetrack or dog-racing bets, poker, online betting businesses, and both pro and college sporting event betting services.

Provides, markets or offers any offensive material that expresses prejudice, racism, bigotry, hatred, profanity, or any material that uses lewd, excessively violent, lascivious, dirty, or other questionable and objectionable content.

Provides, posts, markets or offers personal information about children or minors (anyone 18 and under) without the permission of their parents or legal guardians.

Promotes, posts or offers any type of product or service that is illegal in the geographic area of where the content is created, sent from or received.

Distributes or unleashes nefarious computer or technology related items that include but are not limited to viruses, harmful code, trojans, key-logging software or other types of spyware. Distributes, promotes, posts or offers services or content that solicit participation in pyramid, get rich quick or Ponzi schemes, multi-level or channel (MLM) businesses or services that include but are not limited to work at home jobs, “get rich quick” schemes, services or content that offers ways to “build wealth” or become “financially independent”.

Distributes content that could be considered threatening, defamatory, libelous or harassing. Promotes or solicits material that encourages violence or subterfuge against organizations, governments, groups, individuals or public figures, or sends out or promotes anything that gives instruction or assistance in carrying out aforementioned violence or behavior. Distributes or uses any content not owned by the sender including photos, artwork or content without the express written consent of the owner, or distributes any material that identifies or displays images of people without their express written consent.

IDM Strategies will not monitor, edit, review or disclose the contents of any Messages composed and/or sent by an End User to a third-party recipient without End User’s prior permission, unless: a) as required by law; b) in compliance with legal authorities or during any legal proceeding; c) to enforce this Agreement; d) to respond to any good faith belief or claim that such Message, or any of its contents, violates the rights or interests of any third party or violates this Agreement; and/or e) to protect the rights and/or property of IDM Strategies, its licensors or any other third party. As an End User composing and/or sending such Messages, you acknowledge and agree that technical processing of the Messages is required in order to send and receive such Message, to conform to the technical requirements of connecting networks, to conform to the limitations of the Services and their equipment, to conform to other similar technical requirements, or as otherwise noted in the IDM Strategies Privacy Policy.

IDM Strategies reserves the right to show clients’ logos and names on our site as representing that they use our service for advertising purposes only. Any client can be removed from the said list by simply emailing us or sending written confirmation of the same.

4. Termination

As End User of the Services, if you disagree and/or are dissatisfied with the Services, in whole or in part, or with any provision of this Agreement, in whole or in part, or any subsequent modifications thereto, it is your sole and exclusive obligation and remedy to terminate your End User account, for any reason and at any time.

To terminate your account, you must immediately discontinue your use of the Services, notify IDM Strategies of your intention to terminate your End User account, and destroy all content and materials obtained through your use of the Services, all related documentation and any originals or copies of same. Upon execution of the termination process, you must cease all use of the Services immediately, and any license granted to you by IDM Strategies to use the Services will be revoked. Termination of this Agreement and your End User account to use the Services shall not have any effect on your obligations to IDM Strategies under any other agreement or policy relating to the IDM Strategies Services. Upon termination of your End User account, IDM Strategies shall not be liable, in any way, to you or any third party for termination of your use of the Services, and IDM Strategies shall not be obligated to forward any unread, unsent or unprocessed electronic mail messages to you or any third party. IDM Strategies reserves the right to immediately terminate your End User account and your access to the Services for any violation of the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, with or without prior notice to you, for any reason in IDM Strategies’s sole and exclusive discretion.

Upon termination of your End User account and your access to the Services, you must destroy all content and materials obtained through your use of the Services, all related documentation and any originals or copies of same. Upon termination of your End User account by IDM Strategies, IDM Strategies reserves the right to immediately delete all electronic mail messages in your End User account and prohibit any and all further access to those electronic mail messages and/or your use of the Services. All Terminations by IDM Strategies for spamming abuse are absolutely non-refundable without exception.

Email Invite Restrictions for Event Marketing Accounts

Emails that are sent from Event Marketing accounts must relate directly to Events that are currently active in the account. Using an Event Marketing account to send general marketing email (i.e., email that does not promote a currently active event) will be grounds for immediate account termination.

5. Cancellation Policy

Since we are a month-to-month service, you may cancel your account at any time. Your subscription fee is prepaid so we simply require that you cancel prior to your monthly renewal date or you will be charged your next month’s subscription fee. We do not prorate or refund our services.

To cancel your account, log in to your IDM Strategies Email or IDM Strategies Events account, go to the Contact us tab, may your request. You will receive a cancellation confirmation message on the screen and by email, which includes your Cancellation confirmation number. Your account will remain accessible and active up until the day before your renewal date. After that date, you will have access to your account for a few months but will not be able to send emails.